4Ft Gigacord USB 4 Cable for Thunderbolt 4/3 100W, 40Gbps Data Transfer [email protected] [email protected] Video USB C to USB C Cable Fast Charging Compatible with Thunderbolt 4, USB4, Thunderbolt 3, USB-C (1.2m)

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Product description

  • Brand:Gigacord
  • Article number:GC-42404
  • Availability: In stock (199)

4Ft (1.2 Meter length)

USB-C Male to Male

Bandwidth up to 40Gbps, 8X faster than USB 3.0

Power Delivery up to 100 Watts (20V, 5A)

Resolution up to 5k 60Hz / 4k 60Hz / 8k 30Hz

Supports Alt Mode 2.0

Backwards compatible with USB 3.2, 3.0, 2.0 & Thunderbolt

Improved bandwidth sharing between video signals



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