Anti-Static Wrist Strap with Grounding Cord

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Anti-Static Wrist Strap with Grounding Cord

This Wrist Band and Coiled Cord set feature 360 degree conductive contact around the wrist to provide maximum skin contact. Adjustable elastic band with conductive plated threads. Polyurethane Polymer allows the strain relieves to survive 1 million flexes. The Banana jack prevents cord tangles. Alligator clip is included.


Fabric : Elastic Nylon with conductive plated threads

Contact : 360 degrees around wrist

Back Plate : Stainless Steel

Coil Cord : 6' Length. 1 Mohm Resistor

Banana Plug : Spinning. Stainless

Snap : 10mm


Weight : 10g

Elasticity : 10,000 cycles with 170%

Elasticity Factor : 2:1

Color : Dark Blue

Material : 7 Plies Copper Tinsel, Durable polyurethane coated


Button : Copper Button, Strong Elastic Copper Plus

Color : Light Blue

Others : Alligator Clip, 1Mohm


Snap size : 10mm

Overall Length : 200mm

Band Width : 18mm


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