Punkston TH61 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,RGB Backlit Wired Ultra-Compact Mini Mechanical Keyboard Full Keys Programmable White (Optical Black Switch)

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Product description

  • Brand:Punkston
  • Article number:KBTH61BLK
  • Availability: In stock (3)


  • Black Switch: Linear switches with softer tactile feel, non clicky with 60 cN (±15 cN) actuation force, pure professional mechanical touch for gaming, preferred by lots of professional gamers.


  • Customizable RGB Backlight - 5 custom modes available with 13 unique preset backlight effect of various chroma with capabilities to adjust brightness, color and backlight cycling speed of individually backlit keys.


  • Hot Swappable Optical Switch - TH61 60% mechanical keyboard uses optical switches which can be hot swapped for those keen at customization, you can swap the switches easily with a puller with no soldering needed. Great little feature for those DIY inclined folks .(Note Hot-Swap function is for Optical switches only)


  • Solid Build Quality - IPX4 waterproof based on the optical switches and circuit board, no need to worry about spilled drinks. Easy to clean, the design of the drainage hole can quickly drain the water.


  • Programmable Macros - Custom Software allows macros recording, key remapping to perform complex commands. Note that our software supports windows only, not Mac OS at this stage.


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