Ultra digital Alkaline Battery 12V 23A (Choose Quantity)

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Product description

  • Brand:PKCELL
  • UPC:6942449513632
  • Article number:PKC-23A-1PK
  • Availability: In stock (1199)

Brand: PKCELL Dry battery Alkaline battery 12V 23A

Model: 23A

Size: 12V

Jacket: Aluminium Foil 23A battery

Compliance: CE ROHS

Capacity: 20kΩ,24h/d, 105h Chemistry: Alkaline MO2
Height: 27.5-28.5mm Diameter: 9.5-10.5mm

Applications: LED light, laser pens, car key FOB remote keychain remotes, keyless entry remotes, garage door opener remotes, ceiling fan remotes, electronic door locks, home security systems, keyless vehicle entry systems, laser pointers, remote control toys and devices, and other electronic devices and so on


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