Services and Pricing


  • Basic Diagnostics - $49.00
    • This service covers Windows desktops and laptops, and also includes dusting.  Our basic diagnostic covers most issues which include but are not limited to: driver fixes, Windows 10 problems/errors, some software installation, audio issues, video issues, and some computer problems that require us to perform a complete disassembly or component level diagnostics on a system.
  • Priority Next Service - $29.00
    • Sometimes you may encounter a problem that you need solved immediately.  If this is the case, then we can bump your ticket to the top of the list.  In most cases, these tickets are completed within 24 hours if necessary replacement parts are in stock.



  • Password Removal/Change - $19.00
    • This service primarily applies to Windows local accounts. If there is an issue with a Microsoft account password, we can assist in walking you through how to change the password for your account.
  • Virus Scan/Removal - $99.00
    • Provides virus/malware scans. This will cover the initial labor, but also the removal of infected files and additional scans. OS re-install is recommended for PCs with irremovable ransomware. If nothing is found, then the cost is $49.
  • OS Install w/Updates - $99.00
    • Installation of OS with the most recent updates and drivers. This service also includes testing for system stability. (COA/license key cost is separate)
  • Data Transfer - $59.00
    • Transfers all user data including files such as documents, pictures, videos, music, Outlook profiles, QuickBooks data, etc. Programs are non-transferable.
  • Hard Drive Clone - $49.00
    • Clones one HDD/SSD to another. This means that everything will be in the same place and work as it's expected. Some licensing may not carry over for programs such as QuickBooks and Microsoft RMS.


Desktop Services:

  • Cable Management - $29.00
    • Give your PC a fresh look with cable management that can provide better airflow, simpler PC maintenance, and a cleaner aesthetic.
  • Component Installation - $29.00
    • Installation and optimization of any computer component including memory, power supply, processor, video card, storage drive, and CPU coolers. (We do not provide installation of customer liquid cooling systems at this time)
  • System Build Fee - $99.00
    • We build the PC for you with customer provided parts. This includes testing to make sure the PC is functioning normally.
      • An additional $49.00 is added if an OS install is needed on top of the system build fee.


Laptop/Notebook Services:

  • Laptop Component Replacement - $29.00
    • This service generally covers some battery, memory, keyboard, trackpad, and storage drive replacements along with a few other miscellaneous replacements. The service covers labor only, cost of parts is separate.
  • Advanced Laptop Component Replacement - $69.00
    • This service covers for extensive workloads such as motherboard and display replacements along with other extensive miscellaneous replacements. This covers labor only, cost of parts is separate.


Phone/Remote Services:

  • Phone/Remote Support - $1.00/per minute
    • The first 10 minutes of support is free.  This service covers basic fixes and walkthroughs. If additional work is needed, we may ask you to bring in the system for a closer look or refer you to a highly recommended onsite support specialist. Please call us at 503-656-3195 x605 for phone/remote support.