SATA 8-Inch 15-Pin to 6-Pin PCI Express Card Power Cable

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Product description

  • Article number:PC-11610
  • Availability: In stock (38)
  • Usage: Sata 15 pin to 6pin adapter lets you use your SATA power cable to power your video card inside your computer. It is perfect if you don't have enough PCI-E power connectors to run your card.
  • Perfect Cable Length: With 8 inch(20cm) length straight connector, this sata power cable is perfect for internal cable management.
  • Stress Relief: Connecting a Sata power extension cable can decrease the risk of damaging internal connectors that are difficult to reach and unplug, and also reduce the strain on the connectors of SATA drives or a computer motherboard.
  • No Need Upgrade: Eliminates the need to upgrade your existing SATA power supply in order to use a PCI Express video card.
  • Extra Support: ATI / Nvidia Graphic Card is also supported by this Sata power cable.


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