3Ft Hospital Grade Power Cord 5-15P to C13 SJT 18/3 Clear Blue

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Why use a Hospital/Medical Grade Power cord ?

Hospitals have lots of sensitive and big electronic equipment that can't afford to fail. So it makes sense to use good power cords in hospitals
Power cords that are used in hospitals and medical equipment must conform to strict standards for grounding reliability, strength and durability, and met strict standards such as NEMA and IEC specifications.
Our manufacturer applies rigorous tests to ensure that the cable operates at peak levels. Once a product is approved, it is stamped with a GREEN DOT, which is the mark of hospital grade power cords.

These standards are in place to ensure that the hospital-grade power cords are safe and reliable for use in demanding hospital environments.

* Length: 3Ft
* Jacket Color: Gray
* Connector Molding: Clear Blue
* Gender: Male to Female
* Connector: NEMA 5-15P (Male) to IEC320 C13 (Female)
* Gauge: 18/3 AWG
* Cable Jacket: SJT Jacket
* RoHS
* UL


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