6" 4 Pin Molex to Dual SATA Power Y-Cable Adapter- 6 Inches

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Molex to Dual SATA Power Cable, 4 Pin Molex Male to Dual Serial ATA Female, 8 inch. Convert any standard 4-Pin power lead into two 15-Pin Serial ATA (SATA) power leads. Great for users with limited numbers of SATA power cables and multiple SATA drives, or for a power supply that does not provide one. 2-Port SATA Splitter Power Cable (2 x 15-Pin). 4-pin Molex to Dual 6" Inch Y 15-Pin Adapter PC 6 . Cord. Cord by Genius Cable. Serial ATA Y-Cable (4-pin - 15-pin) For (SATA) Devices. BattleBorn GC-SATAPC-Y 4-Pin (SATA Power). LD 8" Cable(1 X 5.25 2 15 pin power connecto

  • Converts a single Molex 4-pin to 2x SATA 15-pins
  • 8 inches long / 8" Length
  • End 1: 4-pin Molex Power Male Plug
  • End 2: 2 Internal Female SATA Plugs
  • Serial ATA Power adapter cable
  • 4-Pin Male to Dual 15-Pin Serial ATA Power Adapter
  • Converts one 4pin power connector to two 15pin SATA power connectors
  • Molex LP4 to two SATA power adapter converter
  • Power two HDD/SSD for one LP4 on PSU
  • Molex LP4 male
  • 2 x SATA Power female
  • 20 AWG copper
  • 6 inches long
  • 4-Pin Male to Dual 15-Pin Serial ATA Power Adapter


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