Cryo-PC Large RGB LED Gaming Mouse Pad 31.5"x11.8"

Large RGB LED Gaming Mouse Pad 31.5"x11.8"

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  • Brand:Cryo-PC
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  • Availability: In stock (137)

Tested by 10,000+ professional gamers, this mouse pad can really assist in enhancing their game play experience:

- Great gaming mouse pad. I work from home as a graphic designer and I share the mouse pad with my work mouse. It gives me a nice smooth surface which is both important for my work and play.

- Speaking of gaming, I believe I can say that it has improved my gameplay slightly because of the smooth surface of the pad. I feel much more precise, especially for First Person Shooters(FPS) games, with my mouse movements. Great value, in my opinion, and is a must buy if you're a gamer.

- This item would complete your gaming pc look! This matches my setup perfectly. Everything lighted and so cool! I am thinking about buying one for my other gaming buddy as well.

- If you are having issues turning quickly in a first person shooter game this bad boy is your solution, no doubt buy it! Already recommended it to my gamer friends and to you as well. Of course it's size is nice you never have to worry about how far you drag your mouse, plenty of room to maneuver.

If you want to put away the mat, please do not to fold it into two. Otherwise the luminescent fiber will be damaged. We suggest to roll it up and put it in the storage bag.

Package Include:
1 x Mousepad (SIZE: 31.5*11.8inches)
1 x USB cable


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