Cryo-PC DDR4 to M.2 B Key (NGFF) SSD RAM Adapter card

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  • Brand:Cryo-PC
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  • Article number:CPC-98521
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▪Adopt DDR2 interface design, simple and firm installation.

▪External power supply, more power, excellent and stable performance.

▪The power supply uses 2 imported large solid capacitors to make the power supply more stable.

▪The copper studs holding the SSD are removable for easy connection to various SSDs.

▪Gold-plated interface with better abrasion resistance and higher electrical conductivity.



▪Supports DDR2 desktop motherboards

▪M.2 SSD to SATA3 adapter riser card

▪DDR2 memory slot M.2 SSD to SATA expansion board

▪SATA 15-Pin power + SATA 7-Pin data port connected to the motherboard

▪Support M.2 NGFF SSDs of 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 size

▪Only M.2 SATA protocol key B SSD is supported, M.2 slot 3 PCIe-based M Key SSD is not supported

▪Allow users to convert M.2 B-key SATA bus SSD to SATA3 through DDR2 memory slot

* No drivers required, support all systems


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