Gigacord Fiber Optic HDMI 2.0 Slim Flexible Cable 18Gbps, Supports 4K 60Hz(4:4:4, HDR10, ARC, HDCP2.2) 1440p 144Hz, One Direction (A-D) Interchangeable Metal Connectors (Choose Length)

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Product description

  • Brand:Gigacord
  • Article number:HD-AOCAD015
  • Availability: Out of stock

Advantages of AOC over Copper HDMI Cables
Copper draws more power at longer distances which limits distance
No loss transmission over long distances
Fiber transmission speeds are much faster than Copper with larger bandwidth
Thin diameter of Fiber makes it easier to run along or through walls/conduit
Less EMI or RFI interference with Fiber
Surges are not affected by AOC cable


  • Do not add any switch or other extender device to work with the cable at the same time. Multi-transfer will result in HDMI signal loss
  • With Micro HDMI Interface (connected to removable HDMI Type A end) make it a great connection for your GoPro and camera Live View on a Ultra HD TV or Monitor
  •  Fully supports 18Gbps bandwidth and 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 with HDR10 and Dolby Vision. * Noted: If you want this fiber hdmi cable to work with these feature,your SOURCE devices and DISPLAY devices both are must be support these feature
  •   Gigacord Fiber Optic HDMI Cable with Dual Micro HDMI and Standard HDMI Connectors can connects Camera, Tablet, MP4, 4K BLU-RAY PLAYERS, Apple TV, PS4, XBox One S, Roku Ultra, Laptop to 4k UHD TV, 4K UHD Displays and more. * Noted: It must be installed in the correct direction: The Cable with "Source" plug for connecting HDMI Out devices(Blu-ray player, Xbox one, Tablet, Camera etc.); "Display" plug for connecting your HDMI display devices(TV, Projector,Monitor etc.)


HD-AOCAD015 - 15 Meter
HD-AOCAD020 - 20 Meter
HD-AOCAD025 - 25 Meter
HD-AOCAD030 - 30 Meter
HD-AOCAD040 - 40 Meter
HD-AOCAD050 - 50 Meter
HD-AOCAD060 - 60 Meter
HD-AOCAD070 - 70 Meter
HD-AOCAD080 - 80 Meter


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