Gigacord Network Installation Tool Kit Crimper, Connectors, Tester included

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Product description

  • Brand:Gigacord
  • Article number:GC-11700
  • Availability: In stock (195)
1. Multi-function: There are three functions of stripping, tangential and crimping.
2. Long life: the tool head is made of all metal and has a long service life;
3. The handle is made of special material: non-slip, comfortable to use, strong touch, ergonomic design
1. Save time and effort: Improve the effect of crimping efficiency, and individuals can easily complete the pressure line.
2. The quality of the blade is good: it can ensure that the cut port is flat and has no burr. The distance between the two metal blades is moderate, and the rubber of the twisted pair can be easily stripped, but it is not easy to cut the network cable.
3. The outer dimensions of the crimping section are consistent with the crystal head: it is not easy to be misaligned, and the connection between the twisted pair and the crystal head can be better.
Applicable terminal type: telephone line, network cable crystal head
Crimp range:
Telephone handset 4P2C/4P4C RJ22
Telephone line 6P2C/6P4C/6P6C RJ11
Network cable 8PPC RJ45
Stripping ability: flat telephone line round twisted pair (network cable)
Ontology: S45C
Handle: ABS
Hardness: HRC 45±3°
Size: 260*170*50mm
Type: Deluxe Edition


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