Ultra 9V 6LR61 Alkaline Battery, Blister Card

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Product description

  • Brand:PKCELL
  • UPC:6942449513021
  • Article number:PKC-9V6LR61
  • Availability: In stock (214)
  • Maximum Power –Alkaline 9V Batteries are premium grade, high-capacity alkaline batteries built to supply maximum power to your electronic devices. SIZE- L:48.5mm(1.90In) W26.5mm(0.44In) H:17.5mm(0.68In).
  • Ultra Long-Lasting –9V Batteries are competitive among leading brands with ultra long-lasting power and performance for high-drain, low-drain, and outdoor devices.
  • Safe for Environment –the 6LR61Alkaline Batteries are leak-proof and free of mercury, cadmium and lead so they are completely safe for the environment and daily use, and your electronic devices are always protected.


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