X40 Interactive Motion Control UFO Drone w/ LED (Assorted Colors)

X40 Interactive Motion Control UFO Drone w/ LED (Assorted Colors)

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  • Article number:DR-X40UFO
  • Availability: In stock (175)
  • ENHANCED SENSORS FOR BETTER CONTROL: If you tried another kids drone but found it to be difficult to maneuver with your hands, that’s due to inferior sensors; Ours is different; We installed more advanced obstacle avoidance sensors, giving you unmatched control
  • TAKE YOUR PICK FROM TWO EXCITING SPEEDS: You choose the speed you want the UFO drone to operate at, moderate or advanced; If your child is in a smaller space or new to these flying toys, start with moderate and let it rip outside with the advanced speed
  • LONGER LASTING BATTERY FOR MORE FLYING FUN: Once kids start playing with the small drone, they don’t want the fun to end, but with most drones for kids that happens in a flash because the battery wears down; This one has an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery that will provide a much longer flight time than the competition (up to 8-10 minutes)
  • FLEXIBLE CAGE KEEPS HANDS & FINGERS SAFE: The cage around the hand controlled drone toy is made from durable, flexible plastic and painted a sleek, metallic blue; It will keep boys and girls safe while they play with it; The flying ball drone is suitable for kids ages 6 and up
  • EXCELLENT WAY FOR KIDS & ADULTS TO PLAY: Our 4.3 inch hover helicopter toy is not only a blast to play with, but it also helps kids develop hand eye coordination, balance, and other fine motor skills; If you’re looking for an entertaining family bonding activity than look no further; this mini drone will be a hit for the entire crew, young and old


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